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I have been working with node.js for quite some time . I started off as a Mean stack developer and now working in Mern stack which is amazing. Every JavaScript framework is interesting and has its own taste. I like node because it’s fast due to its non-blocking and single-threaded nature. While i was learning, i came across a library for chat which is Socket.IO.


Socket.IO is a library that enables real-time, duplex communication between client and the server.

It contains Websocket which is a protocol that provides a full-duplex and low-latency channel between the server and the browser

How you can internationalize your React app today

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I shifted from Angular to React and have been working on it for quite some time. I love how React is evolving day by day and is becoming a powerful library for UI development.

Most developers prefer React for front-end development. It’s simpler and can be grasped easily. Its performance; virtual DOM; and flexible, component-based approach made it distinctive. I worked on multiple projects in React while I was working. One of the projects required an internationalization feature for multiple languages.


I came across the i18next framework for internationalization, which is written in JavaScript. …

What are they and why you should use them?

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I have been working in Angular for quite some time now and have worked on almost every version of it. It’s amazing how every version comes with new features. One feature that caught my eye is HttpInterceptor. It was first introduced in Angular 4.3 and it’s pretty useful.

Introduction to Interceptors

Interceptors provide a method to intercept an outgoing request or incoming response. They are very similar to the middleware, with a framework like Express, except for the frontend. Interceptors can be very useful for features like caching and logging.

HttpInterceptor provides a way to intercept HTTP requests and responses to transform or…

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